Public Health Pathways

Formerly, Cov360.

We create pathways to better public health using human-centred approaches to strengthen communities and reduce health inequities.

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Health is the New Definition of Wealth

Public Health Pathways launch

Three guest speakers discuss innovation through sustainable partnerships to shape our public health future.

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We believe community innovation offers pathways to an environment of sustainable change.

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We were told, find a focus. We didn’t. We found three.

Planning the future
Securing health innovation
Accuracy tackling misinformation

Public Health Pathways work with young people in the UK and local partners in emerging economies to support vulnerable communities. We co-create solutions to strengthen communities and reduce health inequities.

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Be the wellbeing generation

Planning the future

Our Public Health Pathfinder programme trains young people in the UK to discover wellbeing challenges and create peer-to-peer solutions to make society healthier.

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Sustainable health security

Securing health innovation

We work with local partners in emerging economies to provide strategic and administrative project support to develop programmes that reduce health inequities.

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We are a bridge from expert to public

Accuracy tackling misinformation

We produce trend reports and events to deliver insights that help users combat misinformation and access expertise to promote informed knowledge sharing.

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Recommended resources.

Discover some of the trustworthy resources we use, including data and statistics, humanitarian relief, economic analysis, health governance and advice, and academia.

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    A world in which all people can discover, create and shape healthier futures.

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