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A charity to advance education in public health and enable all generations to design and build healthier societies.

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Building Communities of Trust

The Age of Public Health

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    Together we build dreams

    We go beyond tackling the symptoms by investing in community innovation to generate sustainable public health solutions.

    Partner with us to shape the future of health.

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    How we improve public health

    Inspired that people were volunteering their energy, attending our events, reading our peer-reviewed reports, and engaging with our services – we built a community of trust with 60 members from 25 countries. Providing proof of the need for our three pillars:

    Training services

    Strategic support

    Content production

    We live in a global community, so we built a charity that is globally representative. We promote the voices of all of society and ensure we leave no one behind. We believe in community-led and user-led solutions to public health. And, because we are international, youthful, dynamic, we see things others overlook.

    About us
    Shaping the future of public health

    Pathfinders training

    Every great dream begins with a dreamer. We built our Pathfinders training programme with a data-driven approach, surveying 500 young people in the UK and running a successful pilot which enables participants to self-determine futures.

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    Supporting home grown, home driven solutions

    Strategic support

    Health inequities require global responses. We use our expertise to foster local excellence. We work equitably and pro bono to promote local capacity building through providing pro bono support to NGOs in low-income settings.

    Maternal health project
    Making health literacy accessible to all

    Content production

    To combat misinformation, we require trusted information that speaks for all communities. We produce reliable insights with events and trend reports to extend our community of trust to 100,000s, meeting the diverse needs of marginalised populations

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      Our vision

      A world in which all generations can discover, create and shape healthier futures.

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