We need to support people in ‘making informed choices, free choices, about their health of them, their relatives, and the health of their communities.’ Dr Davide Ziveri, of Handicap International – Humanity & Inclusion, is a Social #Psychologist with field expertise fragile states.

Concerning the power of our language and thoughts, Davide advises our responses are natural. He acknowledges flexible interventions are needed ‘to different #environmental situations and living conditions of people in order to respond to very real, multiple, and different needs.’

He advocates, ‘to address #inequalities, and health inequalities, if you want to save lives in the long term and to improve #globalhealth.’ Thank you, Davide.

If you are a practitioner with advice, an expert who can offer analysis, or want to share your personal experiences constructively. Email Cov360 to send your video submissions@publichealthpathways.org.

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