Discussion 28 May 2020, Our Green Tomorrow


Anders Wijkman, Chair of the Climate-KIC and Honorary President of the Club of Rome

Ria Sen, a Disaster Risk Reduction expert at UN World Food Programmes

Martha McPherson, UCL Head of Green Economy and Sustainable Growth at the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose

Facilitator: Theo Richardson-Gool of Cov360 Summary

The consensus is that COVID-19 is a biodiversity crisis which has provided the opportunity to consider healthcare preparedness as a present issue. Health, ecological concerns, and sustainability are interconnected issues which require a holistic approach. Using technology for social good, and rethinking business and the incentives in the economy are essential for a green recovery where public value is central to government planning.

Event webpage: https://publichealthpathways.orgevents/our-green-future/

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