On Thursday, February 11, 2021, Peace Messengers Executive Director Ms Gwendolyn Myers joined Cov360 Gen Z, to discuss the crucial role of young people as urgent responders to the global pandemic.

Ms Myers will share experiences from the interventions led by the Liberia National Youth Taskforce Against COVID-19 she co-chairs under the supervision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Republic of Liberia.

The Cov360 Gen Z projects aim to stimulate mental wellbeing and integrate public health in education. You can read more from a recent report on Gen Z – https://publichealthpathways.orgvoice-of-the-future/

The team, Rebecca Harris, John Hill, Zoë Stockton, Toby Goodwin, Priya Dedi, Ester Ogun, Jameela Chowdhury, Gianluca Tomasello. The chair, Theo Richardson-Gool.

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