March 3, 2022- Public Health Pathways (“PHP”) is happy to announce it has secured funding to develop a digital app for community collaboration through funding graciously provided by the Edward Hoare Charitable Trust.

“The PHP app builds on extensive work conducted in public health for the past two years,” says Samia Khan contributor and culture advisor at PHP. “I am excited about it because it will enable our community to be more active and connect interactively to achieve our goals, which I believe is a crucial component and driver of success.”

PHP are keen to provide a safe and secure online space for the members to engage in dynamic exchanges to discuss our public health future. Digital apps can provide a sense of community, which is excellent. However, we are aware of social media’s implications on our members’ wellbeing (Karim et al., 2020). Work and leisure can overlap when using media like WhatsApp. Hence, we will strive to adopt practices to promote a positive online experience (e.g., Young Minds 2022). 

The app will allow members to prioritise the things that matter to them. We will use it to innovate, discuss public health and the SDGs, and to plan our projects supporting maternal health, delivering youth training, and developing trustworthy content to combat misinformation. We aim to open pathways for our members to engage in productive discussion to promote health literacy; the Sustainable Development Goals; and leave an individual, local, and global footprint.

“We align with the vision and priorities of the Edward Hoare Charitable Trust and are humbled by the faith and support shown in PHP to focus on advancing public health education and the Sustainable Development Goals,” says Theo Richardson-Gool, CEO of PHP.

The award from the Edward Hoare Charitable Trust will contribute to funding the development and running of the PHP digital app for two years. PHP envisage that this app can provide a snapshot of a community-led public health innovation as we invent a sustainable future together.

Our special thanks goes to the PHP tech development and design team that comprises Ashish Mehra, Jonathan Uttankar, Alec Strobel, and Jakia Siddique.

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