Building trust to achieve health access one community at a time

We are a charity that believes in building healthier futures for all. We believe in community innovation.

Our story

We bring local innovations to be bare so that those who might be funding them or expanding them, governments, partners, and donors can invest in effective approaches to advance our wellbeing.

As a grassroots public health charity, we founded Public Health Pathways in March 2020, when our story began by tackling misinformation arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, when we appreciated this was the tip of the iceberg, we asked ourselves how to build sustainable vehicles to enhance health equity.

We uncovered paths forward through an evidence base. We ran surveys, collaborated with young people, and consulted thought leaders across sectors – from UN Agencies to former world leaders and academics via our live events. Their input provided answers to enable us to find our focus. 

Our focus is to humanise health through listening and working alongside marginalised communities to build on existing community capacity and knowledge systems to advance health equity together.

We take a rights-based approach to public health and are committed to equity. We do this by following World Health Organization guidance to build capacity for monitoring and analysis to achieve equitable health outcomes. Thus, we advocate for community engagement to make “cost-effective public investments” that improve the health of all.

Our approach

Our approach is fourfold: 

  1. Local partnerships to work with marginalised groups to assess needs: we gather a comprehensive understanding of health through collaborative partnerships with grassroots initiatives. 
  2. Co-design community-led interventions to reduce identified disparities: based on the information gathered through contextual assessments, we co-design health interventions that are effective and responsive to identified disparities. 
  3. Co-Learning alongside communities to measure impact and build trust: we sustain and improve access to healthcare by learning from our partners and building trust through every interaction. 
  4. Co-Leading advocacy to drive political and policy commitments: By sharing case studies and advocating for funding for grassroots-led health initiatives, we work to ensure that marginalised communities have access to the care they need and deserve.
Quality Over Quantity

Our values



We consistently demonstrate integrity and reliability in all of our actions and interactions


We aim to bridge lived experience to build on the best science we know at the time


We work passionately to advance preventative health measures that build resilience within communities


We actively listen to understand diverse viewpoints and avoid using language that perpetuates power imbalances


We strive for structural change by actively advocating for the financial sustainability of community-led innovation


To advance health equity for marginalised communities by working with them to improve their access to and quality of healthcare.

Why us

We are not experts. Diversity is our strength through 60 members in 30 countries passionate about health equity. Our ability to convene people and stakeholders to bridge local knowledge and health systems that open pathways to access quality care confidently and advocate alongside our partners makes us unique.

Charitable status

Public Health Pathways is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation regulated in England and Wales. Its charitable registration number is 1192557.

Meet our community

Our community is diverse from healthcare, humanitarian practice, academia, and other innovation-based backgrounds.

Meet The Community

Meet the trustees

The founding members of our Board bring a wide range of skills, expertise, and experience, and belief in our mission.

Meet the trustees



    Telephone: +44 (0)782 684 6178.