December Newsletter

A short history of 2020

The Hippocratic Aphorisms opens, “Life is short, the art is long, opportunity fleeting, experiment dangerous, and judgement difficult.” It was after reading about education in Ancient Greek society that the idea of Cov360 came about. 

Since operating voluntarily, we have sought to further education in public health.

We’ve published 38 peer-reviewed trend reports. Over 30 videos, including a documentary in Bermuda and an interview in Chinese! Speakers from leading institutions, including a former world leader, Justice under Mandela, and the youngest Royal Society award recipient.

On 27th Nov. Cov360 obtained charitable status.

Trend reports

38x peer-reviewed reports

Live panel events

8x with a total of 19x speakers


45x with over 20x languages spoken

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Two featured 2021 projects

Reducing Maternal Mortality in Cameroon

Partnership with the Welisane Foundation

We partnered with the Welisane Foundation to reduce maternal mortality in Cameroon using a culture-centric approach. Our strategy is to create and deliver health communication informed by local expertise.

This project is under the supervision of the Ministry for Public Health in Cameroon.

Gen-Z - Public health and the pandemic

Partnership with Debut

In partnership Debut, we sought to understand what Gen-Z thought about the pandemic. We suggested topics to help us start the conversation on integrating public health into civil society, work, and education.

In the new year, Cov360 will launch up to four sub-projects with Gen-Z.

Two recent Live events

And documentary with Jade Robinson in Bermuda

Neglected diseases

In an event in collaboration with World Without TB, we discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the neglected diseases HIV, TB, and cryptococcal meningitis.

Public Health Innovation

With an excellent cross-discipline discussion, we discuss opportunities to build capacity, research and innovate and crucially build vaccine confidence.

COVID-19 in Bermuda

A documentary initially published August 27th, where Jade Robinson, explores critical questions concerning the Bermuda COVID-19 response.

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As a whole, we are all very enthusiastic, and putting energy and creativity into our work.

Michael Baser, Cov360 volunteer, and Cancer Analyst with Public Health England.

Thank you for your belief in Cov360, and well done for getting through a tough year.

We break siloes in public health and making systems approach to thinking about wellbeing accessible to the whole-of-society. We are committed to producing clear, constructive and practical information on public health issues to enable understanding starting with Covid-19.

A special thanks to our volunteers and trustees for helping to develop an organisation enabling the next generation to rethink and rebuild a healthy future.

As Eula Biss writes, ‘Those of us who draw on collective immunity owe our health to our neighbours’.



create fit-for-purpose health systsms.


build capacity to close health inequities.

Empower partners

enable all-of-society to uphold purpose.


promote solidarity in a global community.

Yemi Babington-Ashaye

President of United People Global. Former Head of the Global Shapers Community at WEF.

Ria Sen

Disaster Risk Reduction Expert at the UN WFP and described as a “thought leader” by UN ITU

Borja Santos

Executive Director of IE School of Global and Public Affairs, and Harvard Kennedy School Officer.

Lakshmi Sundaram

Former Executive Director of Girls Not Brides, and Associate Director with the Global Health Initiative at WEF.

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