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Humanizing Medicine | 23 June 2022

Prof. Azim Jiwani
Clinical Professor of the University of British Columbia, author of Humanizing Medicine – Making Health Tangible: Memoirs with a Global Development Network.

Prof. David Nabarro CBE
Special Envoy on Covid-19 for the World Health Organization.

CEO of Public Health Pathways, Theo Richardson-Gool will chair the event.

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Public Health Pathways Launch I 18 May 2021

Lakshmi Sundaram
Interim Executive Director Open Democracy. Public Health Pathways trustee.

Samira Khan
Social impact expert. Microsoft Director of Citizenship with a passion for youth empowerment.

Alan Court
Senior Advisor to the World Health Organization Ambassador for Global Strategy..

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Neglected Diseases I 26 November 2020

Prof. Amina Jindani
Founder of World Without TB, which builds capacity for clinical trials.

Prof. Tom Harrison
Lead for the Centre of Global Health, St George’s University of London.

Dr Nadia Ahmed
Consultant in HIV & sexual health, University College Hospital London.

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Innovation In Health | 12th November

Amel Najjar
Founder and Executive Director of the Children of War Foundation.

Dr. Ernest Madu
Cardiologist, founder, and CEO of the Heart Institute of the Caribbean.

Dr Tracy Chatler
Associate Professor at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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Green Health | 8th November

Mr Guo Yin (郭因)

Distinguished aesthetician in China, an eminent theorist of art history, the initiator of the Green Culture and Green Aesthetics Theory.

I believe that one can only be fully healthy when they achieve harmony of their body and mind, harmony with other people, and also with natural and built environments.

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Beyond medicine | 30 July

Dr Shireen Kassam
Founder of Plant-based health professionals, UK, Honorary Senior Lecturer at KCHL.

Dr Jacob Stegenga
Reader at the University of Cambridge, and author in the Philosophy of Science.

Dr Nisreen Alwan
Fellow at UK Faculty of Public Health, and Ass. Professor at the University of Southampton.

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Civil liberties and mediation I 18 June

Dr Mohamed Keshavjee
Recipient of the Gandhi King Ikeda Peace Award, having worked in the Aga Khan Development Network.

Prof. Albert (Albie) Louise Sachs
Appointed Justice by Mandela to the Constitutional Court of South Africa. Professor-At-Large at Cornell University.

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Our green future I 28 May

Anders Wijkman
Chair of the Climate-KIC, and Honorary President of the Club of Rome. Former MEP.

Ria Sen
Disaster Risk Reduction expert at UN World Food Programme, and technologist.

Martha McPherson
Head of Green Economy and Sustainable Growth at Institute of Innovation and Public Purpose.

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Looking to the Future I 30 April

H.E. Prof. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim
6th President of the Republic of Mauritius.

Dr Velislava Petrova
Research fellow with UNAIDS and consultant at CEPI.

Prof. Borja Santos
Executive Director of IE School of Global and Public Affairs.

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We are in this Together I 9 April 2020

Yemi Babington-Ashaye
President of United People Global.

Dr Camilla Pang
Royal Society Science Book Award winner.

Dr Ilan Kelman
Professor at UCL in Disaster Risk Reduction.

Dr Patricia Gabaldon
Associate Professor at IE Business School.

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