Public Health Innovation Today.

12th November.

#LetsTalkHealthInnovation. Lets set a new precedent. Innovation is driving this pandemic response, from VR glasses used to train doctors, from sustainable solutions in low resource countries to #COVIDInnovation to help combat misinformation.</span.

#InnovationThatSavesLives is the best kind! Innovation comes in many forms, help us ensure divergent ideas converge, support and share smarter systems to build a space for creative intelligence to flourish. Let’s get holistic about health!



Live Event – 12th November

Public Health Innovation Today

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What inspires you?

  • Humanitarian innovation to save lives?
  • Innovation that improves decision-making in health?
  • Sustainable innovation to build local capacity?
  • Public Engagement to build vaccine confidence?

#LetsTalkHealthInnovation – A day where divergent ideas converge!

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Are you interested in knowing more about #InnovationThatSavesLives? Come & listen to public health experts from around the world share their stories of Public Health Innovation Today. Register here to join!

#LetsTalkHealthInnovation – do you have a question regarding Public Health InnovationToday? Join us on 12th November and ask your questions to a global panel of public health leaders! Register today 

What does a UN advisor, an Anthropologist, TED Speaker, have in common? They will all be talking about #InnovationThatSavesLives on 12 November. Join the conversation today! 

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#InnovationThatSavesLives – probably the best type of #innovation in the world. Do you agree? Let’s Talk Health Innovation with global public health leaders on 12 November. 

Are you interested to know how innovation is saving lives around the world? Come & listen to global public health leaders sharing #LetsTalkHealthInnovation with examples around the world. Register today.

What does a CEO, an Anthropologist, and a TED Speaker have in common? They will all be talking about #InnovationThatSavesLives on 12 November! Register now.

We’ve all been #AdaptingToCOVID, one way or another. Join us on 12 Nov. to hear how about COVID Innovation and Public Health Innovation Today?! Register today.

#LetsTalkHealthInnovation – do you have a question about Public Health Innovation Today? Be part of the discussion on 12 November with a cross-discipline panel of health experts. Have your say today.

#LetsTalkHealthInnovation – do you have ideas on Public Health Innovation Today? Share your point of view with the global panel of public health experts on 12 November. Register now.

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