Public Health Pathways is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation regulated in England and Wales. Its charitable registration number is 1192557.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the highest body that oversees the activities of Public Health Pathways. The founding members deliberately include a diverse range of skill, expertise, and experience who believe in our vision.

Chair of Trustees

Alan Court

Senior Advisor to the WHO Ambassador for Global Strategy and Health Financing

"At PHP you demonstrate what we need more of, that is, resilience"

Senior Advisor to the WHO Ambassador for Global Strategy and Health Financing. Chair of Medicines for Malaria Ventures, Trustee at Innovative Vector Control Consortium, and United for Global Mental Health.


Ria Sen

Global Preparedness Officer for World Food Programme

“Preparedness is readiness, now … COVID has been a testing ground for systems readiness.”

Global Preparedness Officer for World Food Programme. Global Panelist for MIT Technology Review. Member of the Advisory Council Harvard Business Review.


Prof. Borja Santos

Executive Director of IE School of Public and Global Affairs

“With COVID-19 “We are forced to strengthen our international and global collaboration”

Associate Vice Dean for Learning Innovation and Professor at IE School of Politics, Economics and Global Affairs. Harvard Fellow. Formerly of the World Bank.


Lakshmi Sundaram

Former, Executive Director of Girls Not Brides

"I'm incredibly excited to be a Trustee, and be a part of this journey"

Consultant at Lucent. Former, Executive Director of Girls Not Brides. Former Interim Executive Director of Open Democracy. Former World Economic Forum, Global Health Lead.

Connect with our CEO

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Theo Richardson-Gool

Aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals

1.a Mobilisation of resources

3.1 Maternal mortality

3.2 Newborn and child mortality

3.4 Noncommunicable diseases

3.7 Sexual and reproductive health

3.8 Universal health coverage

3.c Health workforce

3.d National and global health risks

6.a Water- and sanitation-related capacity-building

17.9 Enhance international support for targeted capacity-building

17.14 Enhance policy coherence for sustainable development