Cov360 June Newsletter

A Conversation on Racial and Health Injustice Thursday, 18 June

Dr Keshavjee, recipient of the Gandhi King Ikeda Peace Award will discuss the major upheaval concerning civil liberties and public health.

Health Justice

We provide incisive up to date and easy to read reports and video analysis that cover the social determinants that makeup health.

Build Back Better

Health, ecological concerns, and sustainability are interconnected issues which require a holistic approach.

Environmental Justice

“It is only a matter of time before economics makes room for nature,” Partha Dasgupta. Is it time to prove him right?

Guest Speakers Quotes

“We need to work a lot more with countries in the global south to understand what the real needs are, to understand what the real gaps are in order for us to provide solutions through education and research.” Dr Velislava Petrova

“The world has changed tremendously. Just to put these things very very bluntly, 70% of the UN Security Council Agenda is about Africa issues and there is not and there is not a representative of Africa on the UN Security Council.” H.E. Prof. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim

“When we talk about the impact this crisis is having on low-income countries … people that are living with deprivation of resources, they do not allow them to have even basic services, basic income, basic food, so we should never forget that.’ Prof. Borja Santos Porras

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Catch up

For the Live Cov360 launch the panel considered why community building is essential, disaster risk reduction concerning natural hazards, the widespread economic impact of COVID-19, and the science behind new coronavirus research.

For the second live event on the potential impact of COVID-19 in the global south panellists considered debt and the financial impact of a loss of tourism, trade, blended educational and medical models, and how to promote entrepreneurship.

A Global Perspective

The global coronavirus pandemic shines a spotlight on the World Health Organization (WHO). This pivotal organisation with a broad mandate, public health, is under increasing

The global response to the coronavirus reinforces the UN’s vocational values of multilateralism, solidarity, constructive analysis and collaboration from all levels of society: from citizens to governments learning from each other and applying recovery measures.

With the challenges of existing health issues, the inability to access healthcare quickly, and the risk of transmission from people working in urban areas, if the transmission of COVID-19 continues to escalate, this may spell yet another disaster for the indigenous people.

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“It is essential to assist individuals who are passionate about building a positive future. “Ordinary” people are capable of “extraordinary” things when we work together.” Yemi Babington-Ashaye

What’s Coming up?

– Mediation in the Present Moment with Dr Keshavjee – 18 June

– A Live panel discussion on Diagnostics, Immunology, and Epidemiology in July

– Project 2.0 Details TBC

– Launch of the Cov360 Community page

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“Now, even for humans, there are only bars and no world behind millions of bars. Once, albeit outside, in the old open that grew around us over millennia, where no engineer had more power than a small animal which feels its dominance of the open.”