Pathways to health security

We collaborate to create sustainable strategies working equitably and using our expertise to unlock innovation alongside local stakeholders in emerging economies

We share innovation

As a charity, we contribute directly to the achievement of SDG 3 ‘Health and wellbeing for all, to build capacity in low to medium-income countries.

Our global team includes graduates from London School Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Kings College London, Imperial College London, and University of Cambridge.

About us

“You’re on the right path.

Research first, understand the reasons.”

Dr. Marina Lukong Baye

WHO Focal Point in Cameroon, Coordinator of the National Program for Reduction of Maternal Newborn and Child Mortality.

Maternal health in Cameroon

Public Health Pathways is committed to supporting maternal health care and end preventable deaths in remote communities.

We are partnered with the Welisane Foundation in Cameroon and collaborating under the Ministry of Public Health’s supervision to reduce maternal mortality in the country.

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We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.

Malala Yousafzai

Nobel Peace Prize winner

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We partner with Low to Medium Income Country stakeholders to help us cultivate shared expertise to deliver sustainable programmes across a continuum of care.