Prof. Borja Santos Porras

Borja is the Executive Director of IE School of Global and Public Affairs. He has designed strategies for better economic growth with the Government of Sri Lanka and the Harvard Center for International Development. He has also published opinion pieces or has been interviewed for publications such as Agenda Pública, El País, Esglobal, El Norte de Castilla, RNW Media, Allafrica or Harvard Kennedy School news.


Borja identified Five economic implications for the global south (GS): 1) Reliance on remittances which will diminish by 20% as migrant workers lose their jobs. 2) Where economic diversity is low, for example, Ecuador relies 50% on oil revenue and Africa on tourism, less transportation will compound their predicament. 3) Economic debt is massive for the GS global south therefore financial support and fiscal space essential. 4) Capital flows have been cut affecting financial institutions. The International Financial Institute records that investors have retired £80,000 million from emerging markets. 5) In urban congested settlement areas, low-quality services do not meet health and education needs.

"The team should build relationships, collaboration, and confidence, which can lead to understanding, with the aim of obtaining a better response in the event of an emergency"