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Maternal Health

Aligned with SDG Targets 3.1, 3.3, 3.7.

With our local partner, we aim to improve maternal health outcomes in South West Cameroon, working equitably with The Welisane Foundation. Moreover, we strive to reduce the burden of infectious disease and help integrate processes to build sustainable capacity.

Youth Skills Training

Aligned with SDG Targets 8.5, 8.6.

Our training helps young people gain future skills to improve employment opportunities. Promoting diversity, ensuring physical or mental disabilities are not barriers, our design thinking training helps young people self-determine a healthier future.

Content Production

Aligned with SDG Targets 10.2, 10.6.

We provide trusted content to combat misinformation. We empower and promote social and economic inclusion through knowledge sharing and events that ensure representation and a voice for developing countries in health decision making.

“Ordinary” people are capable of extraordinary” things when we work together.”

Yemi Babington-AshayeChair of Public Health Pathways Board of Trustees President of United People Global