Welisane Mokwe Nkeng

Founder of the Welisane Foundation, which seeks to address issues that effect and block the girl child and women from advancing in the society and to reach her utmost capacity and ability through:

  • Formal & Informal Education
  • Capacity Building Workshops
  • Networking
  • Advocacy for Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights
  • Socio-economic Empowerment

Public health change-maker

World Menstruation Day – 2020

The plan is to go to the Adagom refugee camp in Nigeria where about 16,000 Cameroonians are there. One of the challenges is menstrual hygiene management.  Medicine sans frontier has provided them with a boh hole for water – so it is the right time.

Goal – is to support displaced and underprivileged girl at the camp by providing them with menstrual hygiene products, pads, towels, pants, education, tee – pale.

Welisane Foundation